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Rest in Peace Gilda Susan Radner (June 28th, 1946 - May 20th, 1989)

"In the history of the show, there were no brighter lights." - Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller

"She was a fantastic laugher. I never enjoyed making anyone laugh more than her. Never. I could make her laugh. I remember one day, I made her laugh so hard you know there are girls who say, “Oh my God, I wet my pants,” all the time  and I make her laugh so hard, she thought she was going to die.” - Bill Murray 

"Gilda was so great. She was such an angel. And so gifted, so sweet. Everybody bonded with Gilda, because she was irresistible." - Candice Bergen 

"I was nuts about Gilda. I was crazy about her." - Alan Zweibel 

"I loved Gilda, that’s the thing. If I ever had a problem, I could talk to her. She was totally accessible and one of the wisest women I have ever met. :She had an understanding of human nature that most people don’t have. That cute Gilda on TV is not the Gilda I saw – although she was incredibly cute in real life. She had that quality, but she was also incredibly bright.” - Neil Levy 
"She’s probably the best physical comedienne ever. She can do literally anything. Doing the ‘Judy Miller Show,’ she fell off the bed and smashed her ribs and kept going." - Marilyn Suzanne Miller
"Once Gilda made me laugh so hard, it was one of the hardest and longest laughing jags I ever had in my life. […] She was as good as it gets." - Robert Klein
"Gilda was so lovable in person as a person. And so it was easy to get sentimental about her, because looking back over her life, I know she had trials and tribulations, but knowing her, it was never expressed. It was just joy and happiness and funniness and comedy." - Steve Martin 

"Lorne did have a note from Gilda on his bulletin board that said, "Lorne, I’m happy. Love, Gilda."" - Anne Beatts

"But I feel with my life, somebody’s been so generous with experiences for me - whosever controlling it. I mean, I’ve enjoyed a real generosity there. So sometimes I feel maybe I’m getting all this now and quickly because there’s not going to be a whole lot later. I mean, maybe I’m going to die or something. I know it’s an awful way to think, but I have been real fortunate. Real lucky." - Gilda Radner